Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quick Quetzalcoatl

I've been hitting the homestead duties, and the job search market kind of heavily lately, and art activity has been intermittent and far between. So today, right before an interview with recruiters, I managed a little drawing. This meeting happened to be at a restaurant. It went well, but in the end, its always a "wait and see" thing.
The meeting was at a nice Argentinian restaurant, but right across from it, there is this other nice Mexican restaurant with a big wooden statue of Quetzalcoatl, right next to its entrance. There was a comfy bench right beside it, and I couldn't resist sketching it while waiting for my lunch companions. I had little time before they arrived, so I couldn't get to draw the full body of the statue, which consists of the human Aztec head on a serpents body. I would have liked more time for this, so I will be drawing "Q" some time soon. For some reason, the Aztec motifs call me to draw them, as do dragons, and other fantastical creatures. I have this idea of perching a dragon on top of our local historical Spanish "castle/fortress' in San Juan, which is called San Felipe del Morro. I wonder what legendary creatures may be found in the local lore. I thought "Q" would be the closest dragon-like creature to be associated with this latin country.
Well, that said, I hope you like it. I snatched this little moment of the day to draw, and even if it was very little, it was satisfactory. Tomorrow there will be more time for art. Have a great one!

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