Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3 For 1 Impulsive Sketches

Hi there! Bunching up 3 quick sketch pages into one post. First, a scene from an interview. I found myself at a recruiter's office on Thursday, between errands and driving family around. It went well, although "outsourcing" makes it hard to find permanent positions. I sketched part of the meeting room while waiting. The interviewer had great questions. After asking "what do you think your co-workers say about you?", she finished with "What do you like to do in your spare time?" I was glad to show her a sketchbook. She reacted positively, and said that  IT workers seem to have a big tendency towards art. I told her about my art journey, and shared my blogs. It was refreshing to end a great interview with this.
I had a very short coffee shop sketching session last Sunday. I planned for more time, but my crew was restless, so 12 minutes had to do. The man on the top left happens to be the director of human resources for the local government. 80% of the population works for the government, and last year the layoffs were monumentally radical. Some departments were severely affected. I thought he was brave to walk around in public. He was smiling, talking to folks, and seemed to be a man of the people with a tough job. I don't get into politics, so I'll leave it at that. On the top right, a bearded man, and below, two punk-like girls in the coffee line.
Finally, park sketches. I took my daughter to the park today because she did her homework in time (good strategy eh?). I didn't expect many people, as always, but as we went for a lap on the runners loop, folks started showing up. I sat at a bench and tried to capture some of them as they passed. I was in a cartoony mood, which was fine because everyone was in motion. I like the the simpler ones the best.
That's all for tonight. Life changes have been taking up lots of my time lately, and I really miss drawing more frequently. I need the practice. I think the best strategy is to dive in without thinking. Maybe I'll get radical, make it extreme, or even try a more "guerilla" approach. Hope you liked these. Remember to have a great art time!

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