Friday, February 18, 2011

Art Card Doodles

Hi there! Busy with other activities this week, I managed 3 art cards to keep the ball rolling. These are all done on Bristol 2.5x3.5in using ink and pastel pencils.
First up, I call this "What Listeners See". A bit conceptual, it shows with body language what some folks look like to their listeners when expressing their opinions. The folded arms indicate the attitude, and in my humble opinion, when you see this, you can be certain that the speaker is either demanding to be recognized as an authority figure, or that their attitude is closed and negative. This speaker's approach may be effective for listeners that just follow, but I think one must be open, and receptive, to convey a middle ground in conversation, or discourse. The face is featureless to indicate my own reaction to these situations.
Next, I call this "Puppet Man". Another concept piece that kind of goes with the previous one. Meant to illustrate the type of person that listens and obeys blindly. Some people give up, and let themselves be totally led by others, or their environments. Its a pity to find examples of this in real life, but they surround us too often. A good example would be those kind folks that provide support over the phone, robot-like, programmed and scripted to react and respond following instructions. Or one could even think of politicians, and actors to fit this profile.
Finally, a silly expression. Maybe disbelief? Or someone dumb-founded? I think I'll call it "Derp!" in honor of a slang term often used these days (at least in online circles). It could be better understood by more folks if I called it "Duh!" I was just doodling, playing with eyes, when I decided to make it a more silly looking face.

I had these doodles done some time ago, and thought working them over would be a little exercise in creativity and improvisation. I also wanted to play with skin tone shading with this last one. I hope you like them. Thanks for dropping by. Have an excellent art time!

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