Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Garden Robot

Here's Garden Robot. A sketch for "Tuesday Sketch", a weekly drawing tradition created by Noel Curry, where artists on Twitter jump in with their creations based on a theme that Noel comes up with. I believe it was his son that suggested "Gardens" this week. You can see all of the submissions on its own Flickr group.

As the word sketch suggests, its supposed to be a rough pencil, or pen, or even digital drawing, "rough" being a relative word in most cases, depending on how inspired the artist is, and how much time is available. This week, I roughed it out, but thought it was good enough to ink. Other artists will go as far as painting, or coloring digitally. I gather this is an impulsive thing.  I could have worked it up with shading and details in pencil, but I really felt like inking it this time, and used my trusty PITT pens.

Here's my rough sketch version in pencil.  I'm still not using the old "blue-line" penciling technique, standard with the pro-inkers, but my pencils are light enough to erase after the initial ink pass. And I also like to correct things, and enhance while I'm inking. I think that's what I like best about inking.

I hope you like this little guy. Thank you for dropping by, and as always, I wish you a great art time!


  1. I wanna have a robot gardener! A garden robot! It would make my life a lot easier hehe. I'm kinda dreading the day that I need to clean the garden. Okay, maybe not so much dreading, but it's always more work than I thought it would be -_-. I just need to keep in mind that I will have lots of sunny days in the garden drawing stuff.

    Okay. enough of my rambling! I love this little robot :D. Especially his garden hat haha!

    Nice work!

  2. Thank TJ!!!!
    There's a robot for everyone! :)