Saturday, February 19, 2011

Poker Game Postponed

The maintenance crew aboard the space station had to postpone their weekly poker game due to an unfortunate incident. Activities will return to normal as soon as missing crew members are retrieved from their unplanned vacation.
This is an art card (2.5x3.5in) that I had bouncing around my "desk". I thought I'd experiment a bit with that "black sharpie" background technique I've seen some artists use. It turns out PITT pen ink and sharpie ink show a difference in their sheen. I leveled up the darks to minimize that effect using GIMP. This would probably look better done on a bigger scale, specially the jagged outlines.
This is also a little joke message to a good friend (you know who you are). I'm revving up my art motors to explore, produce, and have fun. Keep tuned in. There will be more art fun. The art bug never sleeps.
Thanks for dropping by, and have a great art time!

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