Saturday, April 23, 2011

Under a Palm Tree

Still wrangling kids by the pool/beach. Good exercise requires a bit of rest, but not for the sketchbook. I found myself laying under a palm tree and decided to roughly tackle an under-view of the leaves. Something to be approached with time in your hands. It took me a few mini sessions, and then again, I "summarized" lots of it. The leaf patters are more symmetrical than what I caught here, obviously, and rendering all of it would have taken lots of time. So I went for an overall representation. I could do a study on just one frond, but that's not the point. It still conveys the shade under the palm tree, which was the initial impulse. This particular tree is in Loiza, Puerto Rico, and there's nothing remarkable about it, except for the fact that it happened to be over my comfy towel at the time. I do want to work on getting the palm tree trunks right. The bark patterns on those trunks are fascinating (ok, I'm getting sort of zen now). Back to sun and splash for me. Today is my last day here, and I want to sketch something else to remember, before I head back home, and get back to work. Hope you enjoyed it. Have a great art time, wherever you are.

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