Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Open Mike Night

Last night we had an unexpected musical time. A good friend called to invite me to check out a "jamming" session someone had told him about. It was a very welcome change of pace. We knew guitars were involved, but had no idea what music we would end up listening to. As it turns out, it was jazz/blues open-mike night at "The Red Piano". We were pleasantly surprised by the mix, and the performers. A good and enjoyable experience all around.
As is my habit, sketchbook at hand, I proceeded to sketch the performers in a mix of cartoon, caricature, and semi realistic attempts. These were all pretty quick "grabs" as they were all very dynamic. I started with the very capable keyboard player, then the great guitarist, as they played some traditional jazz numbers. Then the open mike part of the night started, and I cartoonized the excellent singer.
Next, we have the bass player, who was hitting that 5-string bass like no one's business. The bartender had a great hairdoo and I had to draw her. Hard to catch the lines there, since she was moving faster than anyone else in the place. Then the drum player, who didn't miss a beat, had some great expressions, but was hard to catch because everyone else kept moving in front of him. Later in the night, another keyboard player swapped places with the first one, and there were some great older rock covers to play, like Beatles, and even Cream. At one point, there were two other guitar players, but I didn't catch them because the singers noticed I was sketching and sat for a second session in front of me while I drew them.
And lastly, I did a quick sketch of the other singer (with the microphone), and next to it is the sit-down sketch of liveher, as well. One surprising fact, this lady is from Norway! In the center, an attempt to capture one of the other guitar players. Then lower left, the sit down sketch of the first singer, who also asked to "tag" the sketches to her FB account. She's actually involved with "The Puerto Rico Jazz & Blues Society", so I'm sure I'll get to meet more musicians online, along the way. Great group of people, very dedicated, and obviously enjoying their sessions. The bottom right is a sketch of one last singer, who dropped by later, just before we left the venue. She had a great voice.
This was different for me, since I'm more of a rock fan, but to tell you the truth, I like most types of music, and I really enjoyed myself. I hope you like these, and I thank you for dropping by. Have a great art time!


  1. I'm SOOOOOOOOO sorry I missed this Tuesday! Great sketches!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you. As you can see, they were impulsive sketches, just like the performers. Thanks for visiting.

  3. You should go again, real soon! Maybe you can sketch the fan base!!!!!! LOL

  4. Last night I met with a long time friend. He played keyboards in the band I was in during my late high school years. Hard to believe, but he verified that he was the same keyboard player I drew during this particular sketching session. The world is certainly a small place.