Saturday, April 9, 2011

Interview Reaction

What!?!?! I'm still in a low level daze. This is what I was doodling at the time of my last job interview. I knew I had it, something kept telling me. Yet, I still didn't believe it. And I think some of that feeling went into this ant's eyes. And no, I'm not picturing myself as an ant. The image above is the finished touched version of the scan you see below. I started drawing the head of what looked like an ant, a few minutes before the interview phone call. By the time I drew the eyes, the phone rang, and seconds later, I knew I was going places! My gut was telling me that all along. Right then, I drew the arms in the air. Doodling concentration was on and off during the phone call, and afterwards, I finished the body and limbs. I don't even know if they're properly placed for an ant, but I don't care. I felt like drawing a cartoon.  I think some of my interview reaction seeped into the little guy here.
Here's a scan of the original version. I took the opportunity to play a little with GIMP (Photoshop for the budget minded). It's been a while since I used lasso tools, layers, etc. I plan to get going in that direction, as well as video, using a tablet, and music, all with the aim to animate something this year. I know I'm still learning to draw, and compose, but that is well on its way, and I have to pay attention my other artistic impulses.
So this was originally a true impulsive sketch started during a moment of relative tension. I had planned it this way. Art is soothing to the soul, and it certainly helped this time. I hope you like it. Thanks for dropping by. Have a great art time.


  1. Ha! Nice Jose. First of all, congrats on the new job opportunity. Second, I too use Gimp. It's a little hard to use compared to the big guys, but I feel that it has great potential. I wish I could hook up with you & we could share some of our insights on the program. Damn you Star Trek, you've ruined the present for me, yet again!

  2. Thanks Jono! I wish I could too. A nice "Drink & Draw" would be cool too. I'm not that well versed digitally, but I have my opinions on GIMP. My experience with PS is not that deep either, I'd say about the same at this point. It seems you can do just about everything you need to do with GIMP.
    I'll let you know, as I get into it, and probably post about it in my "Lab" blog. One thing about GIMP that I hate? It doesn't have a native Apple version, and the tablet handling is not the best because of that.
    Thanks for dropping by! I'll teleport for a visit as soon as they rig the damn thing up.

  3. Hey Jose! just trying to catch up and just wanted to give you a big old CONGRATS man! Great to hear! Diggin the Ant doodle too!