Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Piano Player

This was certainly impulsive! A submission for the Tuesday Sketch. Noel Curry's weekly sketch topic was: Wild West. Check out all submissions at the tumblr Tuesday Sketch site.
This week has been rather hectic, starting a new job, getting lots of work done, including errands, paperwork, meetings, calls, etc, resulting in less art time. My current art project was already affected, and will be finished this week, but I wasn't about to give this weekly Tuesday sketch thing up. I almost did, but my good friend George Ward inspired me on Twitter, and I gave it a quick go. Thanks George. Of course, I ended up submitting it a bit late, and now its past 2:00AM, but I conquered the diminishing art activity trend. Got to keep it up.
I tried a few rough ideas during the day, at odd times, and settled for this one, and at least started inking minutes before my daughter's nightly sleepy time ritual. Once the family was asleep, I got up and finished the piece. Satisfaction. Hope you like it. Thanks for dropping by, and remember to always have a great art time, no matter what.

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  1. Nice job Jose... makes me want a Root Beer, and I don't even like Root Beer :)