Friday, April 22, 2011

Moleskine In A Ziplock

We're very lucky to be able to go to the beach every now and then, and our Spring Break and Easter days are such an occasion this year. Finding time to fit in art activities can be a challenge, whether on a normal work week, or on holiday with the family. "Ziplock" in the title of this post refers to the plastic bags I'm using to keep my art supplies safe from water and dirt. I have sketchbooks, and even watercolor art supplies in plastic bags with me right now. The amphibious fun we're having, and the kid wrangling we're managing right now, call for this measure. So here are a few mini-moleskine sketchbook sketches I did yesterday at the pool. Please excuse that these are just photos, since I couldn't fit my scanner in a ziplock bag. :)
I put in some notes as well, but just in case you can't read my scribbling, I'll narrate as usual. Top left, my daughter with her swim goggles. I love to watch her wonder at how much fun swimming is. Its almost a complete new experience and adventure for her every single time. I was sitting under shade, by the pool, on a lounge chair, watching as her and my nephew finally hit the pool. The place was full of families enjoying the sun and fun. On the left, someone's grandfather. On the middle right, my daughter excited to see hummingbirds in the nearby bushes (she played one at a recent school function too). The numbers below are the depth markers on the side of the pool, which I had to draw because I was amazed at how my daughter had grown, and the fact that she was able wade around in the deepest area of the pool. She will get swimming lessons this Summer, that's for sure.
On these two pages, we have a mother and child, floating around the pool. This was probably the baby's first "boat" experience. It brought back my own memories of doing the same with my daughter a long time ago. Then, there was this grandmother sitting at the nearby gazebo with the typical big white hair done up for the family occasion, alas, wearing her granny house robe. I respect that the elderly can wear anything they want, anywhere they go. Just like young kids do some times, eh? :) Then we have one of two poolside water "canons". Later that day, we visited the bigger pool, where they have a slide, and a water feature for the kiddies. The flipping water bucket tree you see on the right page.

On the right, my niece got in on the action. I asked her to draw me something while sitting under a palm tree by the larger pool. She's a great budding artist in her own right, and has already created some comics. I'm sure you can see some comics influence in her style. She's one to watch, I tell you.
Hopefully I'll have some more impulsive sketching down today. This is proving to be a good little getaway, with the right amount of art thrown in. I'm actually painting a batch of art cards between beach and pool activities. I'm not kidding about the plastic bags. I used them to store my work in progress art cards, my watercolor supplies, and most importantly, and effectively, to carry my mini moleskine and pencil close to the waterside. I usually carry my sketchbook, but its slightly bigger size makes it a bit unwieldy to handle along with towels, and other items one has to carry around here. Also, last time I took my regular sketchbook, one of natures flying artists decided to contribute to my artwork. Not that it may not happen again, but a smaller target will make it less likely to happen again. LOL!!!
So that is all for now. Kids are up, and I'm sure they'll be clamoring for more water fun soon enough. Thanks for visiting. Have a great art time, wherever you are!

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