Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Loomis at Lunch

I had an Andrew Loomis practice session for lunch today. "Fun With A Pencil" is a great book, and I decided to try out the whole thing. I think I'll probably go through all his books, but I'm starting with the fun stuff.  Here are some of his "Blooks", as I rendered them. In the spirit of the book, I loosened up to see what my lines would do, and it showed me three things: 1) where I need work, 2) where I think I'm doing ok, and 3) these sure are funny looking guys (why do they all look old?).  My end designs are similar to his, but I took a little liberty with shapes and poses.  This is fun practice. If you care to check, Loomis' "Fun With A Pencil" is public domain, and available here, although I'm sure you can now find it in PDF with a Google search. These exercises are from page 13 through 16. Thanks for visiting! (Say, is that Howdy Doody, or Ronald Reagan?)


  1. I'm still on page 12, which I was supposed to study carefully, which takes several days, if not more.

  2. I'm not following a serious study habit here, though I should. :) So far, I read it once or twice, then draw using the construction, checking back when I needed. This "copy/draw" impulse sort of lets the drawing teach me something, I think.
    (did I skip some of the little spheres to draw? maybe. Well, yeah, but I drew enough of them.)
    Thanks for dropping by! Your thought is always welcome.

  3. You still around, out of curiosity?

  4. Took a holiday break from drawing. Doodling here and there, but I'm warming up. Just posted a little something here yesterday to start off the year.
    Happy New Year!