Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ever Tickle a Robot?

Not another robot! Yes, another robot. What happens when you tickle a robot?  If they don't have a "tickle circuit", nothing. Just practicing with a brushpen. DIdn't get the eyes close to the first time I drew it, but you get the idea. Squinting, big laughing speaker cloth covered mouth, the typical pincers, and tubular/flexible arms. Simple is good to practice things you just started learning. Brushpens are fun, but they take getting into the mood, and the zone. Drawing and/or painting common subjects help you see progress. I'm still looking for mine, but I have no doubt its there. This was a little fun warm up. I'm planning on creating a piece for Illustration Friday tonight. Hope this guy makes you smile. And please do visit my laboratory. That's where I usually post more elaborate works, and interesting experiments. The Mad Scientist's Art Laboratory.
Thanks for dropping by! 

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