Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Triple Tuesday

Three sketches. I extrapolated a very bad rough sketch, drew yet another robot, and took an "unused pose" as the basis of a new drawing.
First off, a child sitting under a table. This is from a discarded few lines of a rough sketch from my recent coffee shop sketching. This boy was playing under the small cafe tables outside, hiding from the wind. The minute I started sketching, my family dropped by to pull me away. So I invented a scene based on that. The child's pose is pretty much what I caught that day. The body was drawn from memory and imagination. (He really had shorter hair).
The second sketch is a robot, holding a speaker that was meant to cause the noise, and wind that would blow the child's hair around. A lazy attempt at composition, but just wanted to draw whatever popped in my head. So this happens to be a robot.  What a surprise.  I'll get over robots some day, but I promise this will not be soon.  However, I promise that I will vary their look and make. I'm trying to come up with a robot related story, and doodling robots helps the muse.
Third and last sketch was the most impulsive of them all. Thanks to Corey (@radiospringy), I saw some of his "unused poses" posted online, and felt the need to work with one of them. I didn't include them here because I don't like to post references without permission, but I'll ask if its ok.  I think I was in a kind of ""life-drawing, but make it up mood". Hope you like these!

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