Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Catching Up with an Impulse Sketch.

This little ball-point pen drawing has been staring at me since I drew it some time ago, and it was time to re-do. Basically, it was a doodle that developed character. I like the way the ball-point pen ink lays on the paper. The roughness the ball-point creates gives it an almost three-dimensional feel.  Plus the kid's face grows on you. The background tone is there because it was drawn on a yellow sticky-note.
I couldn't stand this boy's stare any more, so I had to re-draw it in my mini-sketchbook. If that wasn't enough, I wanted to contrast the ball-point pen lines with something different, So I drew it, and then inked it with PITT brush pens (one black, one grey). I love how ink makes almost anything look good from the start. I should have kept the original expression and look, but it was time to improvise. Granted, I need the ink line practice, but its awesome to be able to enjoy inking so much, even at a beginner's level.  I hope you enjoy it.

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