Saturday, August 7, 2010

Robot sketches

Who doesn't like them? Favorites since childhood. You may see a lot of robots, don't say I didn't warn you. This impulsive simple and rough sketch was rendered compulsive. From simple shapes, to finishing touches, I hope its all there for you to see. Cleaned it up lightly so you still can see some construction lines.
I dedicate that top right corner robot to Javier Hernandez, and El Muerto.
Thanks for dropping by. Suggestions and ideas are always welcome.


  1. I like them.

    Some positive critique. Try to avoid poses in which the left and right side are more or less mirrored, and poses where all extremities are pointed in the same direction. For instance, the flying robot would have been much better if he'd looked at us, or at something flying by (a jet plane?). Yes, then the other thing, props. Props are important too, even for robots. They give it a personality, or at least, a surrounding to interact with, even in a sketch.

  2. So much one can do on a blank sheet of paper. A doodle can get the creative mind going. I should try more "character" sketches with those tips in mind. It was fun in a drawing schoolboy kind of way. Thanks for dropping by!