Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Loomis Heads

I was going to post yesterday, but things got complicated, so I added some more practice to this batch. You can see now I'm getting a bit looser (and sloppier). The idea of using shapes on the sphere to mold the final face is excellent. This brings me to page 19 of "Fun With A Pencil", and there's plenty more coming, but I'm not going to bore you these all the time. I'll pick and choose from now on.

This exercise is great. I'm beginning to see the method to the madness. On the lighter side, why do all of these have huge ears, and are mostly aged men? (I added a goofy young guy) - You can tell I started variations about midway on this run, and a couple of them ended up so different that I had to try them again. I'm really enjoying this, and I think I'm going to explore all of Loomis' books (even if the rest look more serious than this one).  Thanks for dropping by. Leave me a comment, with a request, or suggestion. It will make me happy. Have a good one!

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