Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shiny Rubber and The Science Patrol

Ultraman! One of my childhood tv heroes. Watched the Spanish dubbed versions, on schedule, after-school.  I remember pretending to transform using a 50 color fat retractable ball-point pen held up high! Today I look get dizzy looking at all the character spin offs.  Oh, and that pin that he wears, I wanted to be in the Science Patrol. The helmets were dorky, but the suite was cool! LOL.
So much for fan boy stuff. This pencil sketch was done from reference images, and please excuse the ill-planned hand at the left edge.  Looking at the "uniforms", I bumped into the multi-faceted looks the "Ultramen" wore, and decided on the original's silver/red rubber suit. I couldn't resist including the uniformed SP officer. The actual changing pen device turned good enough to be a prop. Focus on Ultraman! :)  Proportion is good, but the officer's shoulders still kind of through an optical illusion vibe when I look at it. All in all, happy with it. And also happy I finally drew Ultraman.  Hope you fan-folks enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by.

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