Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Job For Harry

A quick piece for Tuesday Sketch. The topic this week was Harry Potter. I had an idea off replacing Harry's famous lightning scar with a UPC symbol (bar code) and having him use a bar code scanner as a wand like some sort of statement about how commercialized a good story can become, but I was in a lighter mood, so I pictured him playing around with a scanner at a summer job in some toy store.
I was kind of busy with work today, and every now and then the Tuesday Sketch topic came to mind, but I couldn't let go of what I was working on. It seems its time to officially schedule time to draw. I don't like to be structured with my drawing time because inspiration hits you when it hits you, but many artist friends do schedule their sessions, and get along just fine, even get more prolific at it. I'll give scheduling a go then.
Thanks for dropping by. I hope you liked it. Don't forget to visit the Tuesday Sketch tumblr site for more weekly fun, and more Harry Potter sketches this week. Remember to have a great art time!

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