Thursday, June 16, 2011

Travel Sketches 1

After a month of work-related training in California, I can now start posting sketches. This departure from routine kept me from drawing as much as I would have liked to. The long days were spent working, and didn't leave much time for art. My weekends were spent on tourist activities, on the move, and also resting up for the intense training. All these sketches were impulsive, and drawn during waiting periods. There were so many sights to see, and little time to draw at ease, but I managed to catch some moments.
Above, on the plane, I sat in the middle seat in my row, mostly sleeping for the 8 hours it took to get to LA. I realized I needed more elbow room to draw at ease, so I gave up after this rendition of my current  view.
Once in LA, waiting for my flight to San Jose, I ate a little snack, and sat at the remote gate building, getting used to the chilly weather, and drawing folks. I noticed this youngster in front of me, busy with his clipboard. It turned out he was also drawing people! On a given moment, we acknowledged each other's work from a distance. You can't help but recognize an artist at work from the studious glances at other folks around you. We had a silent artistic brotherhood moment, and continued drawing.
There's always a great variety of people hanging around airport terminals, and gates. The seats, rather uncomfortable, provide all kinds of poses, reflecting "I don't want to be here" moods, as well as "I'm so happy to be on my way" faces. Business men, like on the left, don't usually show much feeling or thought, other than being somehow isolated in their own worlds, getting busy with their laptops, or phones. Lots of book reading, media gobbling, and cell phone talking folks to see all around.
I really enjoyed the variety of poses, and situations one finds at an airport nexus. On the left, an apparent businessman resting at an angle. These gate chairs are never comfortable. Personal space situations were evident all over the place. This gentleman had a hard time settling down, but I managed to catch his pose, somehow.
On the right, some interesting head-gear from a fleeting subject. I was also aware of the oriental influence around me. After all, we're in California now, and I don't get to be surrounded by this type of crowd at home. The culture difference was a welcome addition to my experience. The lady on the right patiently waited for her flight.
More folks caught at the San Jose gate, on the left. Youngsters resting against columns, having their snacks, and using their cell phones. Another woman waiting patiently, and a young pre-teen who looked like she was having a pajama party on her own. She would talk and laugh on her cell phone, listen to her music, and lay around the seats, changing her position while talking, like a teenager talking to her friends at easy from the comfort of her bedroom. Its funny how folks of all ages deal with being surrounded by a crowd. Some look very aware and even paranoid. Others seem like they were at home, in a world of their own, not caring what they do. People watching is fun sometimes.
Last, but not least, in this first part of my travel sketch posts, some interesting head-gear on the right. Hats are something else. It seems this hat is in fashion for the young, or youngish crowd. And finally, a lady with a stylish look, watching for her roaming youngsters.
After this, I caught my flight to San Jose, and the logistics of transportation and lodging took over the rest of the night. I was pretty tired by the end of the travel day, and eager to rest up for what would be a training heavy stay in California. There were are a few touristic highlights to be covered in the next post, but much of my drawing was done during waiting periods, when I was not accompanied by training peers serving as tourist guides.
I hope you liked these. I have more sketches, probably enough to post two more times about my latest travels. Thanks for dropping by, and have a great art time!

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