Saturday, January 29, 2011

Waiting Room and Bubbles

Hi folks! Glad to post tonight. I've been busy with life matters lately, and this is where impulsive sketching becomes good for the soul. Even these rough sketches can have a beneficial effect. Of the three rough sketches here, my daughter playing with bubbles at the park was most soothing to draw. Of course she didn't stand still, but that's part of the challenge. I couldn't help but smile while I was drawing her, having fun, chasing bubbles, and frolicking. She can be a handful, but I adore her, and there's nothing better for a father's heart than to see his daughter having fun. I hope that one day in the future she gets to enjoy these drawings as much as I enjoy watching her grow up, learn, and have fun.
Yesterday found me at a waiting room. I caught this boy, with a broken arm, watching a movie on an iPhone. He didn't make a peep all that time, and neither did his mother. Kind of sad to see how disconnected people become with mobile entertainment. A waiting room may be a proper place for this, but I've seen this too many times in places like restaurants, or where people congregate to socialize. Heck, I've seen children ignored through complete meals at a restaurant because their parents are on their cell phones! This is what we're teaching them. My apologies for the short rant. This is not the place. Just pointing out a serious trend.
And finally, here you have part of the group of people in the waiting room. Most of them are talking, or quietly waiting their turn. It is not obvious, but the small boy is playing with a mobile device as well.
It is always a challenge to draw people in close quarters, but they seem to mind their own business in waiting rooms. I'll pick a more cheerful place next time. But no matter what setting, the act of drawing is pretty satisfying anywhere you do it. So that's all for now. I hope you like these little vignettes. Waiting rooms are ok, but I love sketching at the park. Thanks for visiting. Have a great art time!


  1. Awww, I really love the one of your daughter blowing bubbles! Such a beautiful sketch.

  2. Thank you Shayla. She's my favorite model. :)
    I know I could have worked it a bit more, but I like it to stay "impulsive" in these cases.
    I know that some day I will paint her.

  3. Sometimes I feel "disconnected" when drawing. My wife might be in the same room but I have my head in my sketchbook while she is talking to me and I don't hear a sound...Of course sometimes this can be a "good" thing!!


  4. LOL!!!! I have moments like that when I'm drawing, but I find it easy to split my attention in that situation (no earbuds in my ears). The fact that I'm not looking at my wife (or whomever I'm talking with at the moment) doesn't make a difference. It's the one self-indulgent activity I can do and socialize at the same time (with limits, of course). Sometimes I'll have to ask to repeat something if a particular part of the drawing needs intense concentration.
    I wouldn't compare it to being plugged into mobile devices though. More like you're giving a haircut (or getting it) and you talk with the other person. LOL!!!
    Thanks for your comment, man! Reading comments on my blogs makes my day.

  5. What great drawings! You really captured how sad the situation is in waiting rooms. At our Subaru dealership, we notice this so often we are considering a new policy to restrict cell phone use in our waiting room.
    Thank you for your sketches. I really enjoyed the one of your daughter with the bubbles. My daughter is 3 years old and if I could draw I would have so much to draw, since she is so fun.

  6. Thanks for your comment! Good to see that some of my sketches can still reach folks.