Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sketch Daily

Here's a simple sketch done with Sketchbook Mobile on an iPodTouch. It took less than 2 minutes, no erasing, and some of that time spent messing with the choice of brush. Goes to show how a few finger-strokes on an app can yield something that looks nice and effortless. At least I think it looks nice. One scribble, imagination, and here's a wine drinking person, possibly at an art show, looking into his glass, pensive. This is not a thought out, detail oriented piece, by no means. It was completely impulsive, after listening to my friend's podcast. Marshall (@MarshallPlexx on Twitter) is a dedicated artist, fighting for time to practice and better himself. At the same time, sharing with us his struggles, ideas, and advise. Thanks, and hats off, Marshall! I'm in the middle of a time battle, balancing work and family, as never before, and your words inspire to go on. You can find the podcast in question here, and check out his cool work here.
As well, he started this Sketch Daily page on Facebook. I'm still trying to regain my usual art flow, and I promise I'll keep pushing. I have some bigger things I'd like to create, and with this new challenge in time management, its proving to be interesting, to say the least.
Hope you like this quick and impulsive, if minimal piece. Thanks for visiting, and have a great art time!

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