Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Salon Samus

As a submission to the Tuesday Sketch, I give you Samus at the Salon. She's got to keep her good looks going after all the battles, right? The topic was Samus (of Metroid fame). I'm not all that familiar with the game, nor the character, but a little search on the web gave me enough material.
This was done in a hurry. Busy with work, I was able to view a few references during the day, and once done with the daily duties, I sat down to pump this out as soon as possible.
The Tuesday Sketch Tumblr blog has moved, within Tumblr, to a new URL. Noel Curry, @DJBogtrotter in Twitter, has always led the effort, giving us a weekly topic to sketch something on Tuesdays, and he passed on the stewardship to me. This tradition of almost 2 years continues every week, giving everyone the topic on Tuesday, by announcing with a tweet using the #tuesdaysketch hashtag. You can visit the original site here. Its full of goodies, and every piece, from the most humble, to the elaborate, has something to say.
I encourage you to follow me on Twitter (@gonzalexx) and/or search for the #tuesdaysketch hashtag there. We'd love to see your visions of the weekly topic.
Thanks for dropping by, and remember to have a great art time!

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