Thursday, February 23, 2012

Alien Astral Projection

An alien astronaut caught in the act of astral projection. At least that's what I kept thinking it turned out to be. I call this one impulsive, but it was done bit by bit over a few days, during minute long breaks over  work activities. The impulse was to keep doodling something even though I was really busy. At first a pencil doodle with just that funky helmeted astronaut, I was in the "artsy" doodle mood. The left page done, I thought of those artists that use the page spread on their sketchbooks. This time it was my mini-moleskine, which has been getting plenty of use due to its portability. The right page followed, and the astral projection idea started. A this point, some 2 days ago, I decided to ink it, just to get some brushpen ink time in, and then it just evolved into this dark ink "party". Got some art time from it, picking at it during the busy day. And I tell you, I was really busy for this to take so long. At least the last inking session didn't take so much time, though I went over some of it because I had started with a fine point "Sharpie", and I don't like the ink from those. Brushpen and PITT pens were used in the end. Hope you like this spacey and impulsive idea. Not my usual style, all "designy" and "moleskine-doodley". Having fun with the adjectives. Oh well. Hope you liked it!