Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shopping Nun

As I went about quick errands yesterday, I spotted this nun at a local supermarket. Mini sketchbook at hand, I quickly roughed this strange visage, with all due respect, of course ;). Obviously, I worked it over once I got home. Given old nun traditions, I think this nice lady was wearing most antique garb. The sketch doesn't give her justice, due to the quick "capture" time I had. Almost everything she was wearing was of the blackest black color, pristine, and well cared for. There was even lace, but one can't bee to careful trying to look closer at your quick sketch subjects, so some of the details were not captured. Her face deserved a study. The shading, well, I'm sure, its not too close to the truth, but I had to improvise. The black of the cloth was deep. She seemed a happy retired nun going about some grocery shopping, gliding along with her shopping cart. Smile on her face all the time.
It was worth a photo, but I didn't see an opportunity that wouldn't call attention at the time. So there you have it. Thank you nice nun. You were a great sketch subject. And thank you, viewers, for stopping by.


  1. Nice! I like the joy you captured in her expression. Like she is closer to God! Or shopping! LOL!


  2. I love to capture things like these in real life. Kind of surreal. And yes, she must be closer to both! LOL Thanks for the comment, Jahh!