Saturday, October 30, 2010

Impulsive Bedtime Storyboard

Trying to get my daughter to fall asleep is a difficult thing to accomplish. My latest attempt yielded a little storyboard practice. This is the first time. It was mostly a little impulsive experiment that proved to be fun. This was a quick-draw exercise: no preciousness or nice rendering. 
Instead of just telling a story, we decided we would make it up. My daughter would make up the story, with a bit of direction from myself, and I would draw them as fast as I could to keep up with her creative drive. You can tell from these three images how I got a bit more comfortable by the end, especially when we would linger on a panel talking about whys and hows of the "story flow".
Basically, a story about a girl named "Alexandra" (my daughter's name is Alejandra, so I can only guess it is her wish to project herself into the story, naturally). This girl walking in the woods, stumbles upon a cave, and goes exploring, finding scary but friendly vampire bats and vampires along the way (her idea obviously inspired by the Halloween goings-on these days). The sparse speech balloons are in Spanish. In the end, the girl is given an amulet (very much like one my daughter was given a few days ago) that will protect her from evil vampires.
This, being my first storyboard experience, was fun for me because I mixed quality daughter time with art time. At the same, it opened my eyes. It was a simulation of the pressure storyboard artists may go through sometimes. Indeed, something very worthwhile to try at a serious level, if I ever want to create a story in any form.
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  1. Thank you, Jono! You can I gradually realized that I was really toryboarding by the end panels. The initial thing I most enjoyed was the change up on panel perspective (changing "the shot"). Changing perspective from panel to panel. That must be the standard rookie thing to do over and over! LOL