Monday, April 9, 2012

Beach People

Yesterday at the beach. Apart from a mega sunburn because I got lost playing in the sand with my daughter, I had some time to sit and sketch a little.

Here's the nephew, taking a break, watching the bathers frolic in the waves. There were some nice rocks to sit on right next to the water. It was the last day of our stay, so understandably, most of us were tired, but not tired enough that we'd miss on the sun and fun.

Below, some more quick sketches. A random hat-lady, someone I know very well getting her long awaited fix of healthy beach exposure. She needed it more than any of us. And my daughter getting her surf on. We discovered she loves the waves, as long as they don't toss her into the sand, or she takes in more salt-water than she's used to (not much at all).

I have to work on timing, and vantage points. Carrying a sketchbook, as small and handy as it may be, is kind of a problem when you have to avoid sand and water around you.

Back to the daily routine at home, missing the short holiday we just had. We'll have to do this again very soon.

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