Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Don Goyo

A good friend reminded me how I should do more life drawings, and how he missed seeing them. Life drawing is the best art school there is. He also reminded me of that last fact. So here we go, endeavoring to slip in some art time, at the airport, waiting for my flight, I noticed this very typical gentleman, patiently waiting to board his flight, with his wife. We'll call him Don Goyo. Puerto Rico has a very rich culture Spanish culture, mixed with all sorts of Latin American influences, and this person embodied the typical older gentleman. He could be from San Juan, the same way he could be from a small town inside the island. His mustache and his hat are typical for folks his age, but not so city as much as country. The hat style harkens to generations even before his. Even in this day and age, in my island, when older folks dress and act more modern, and Americanized, there are folks like this one that walk with the dignity and history of what was our local society 80 to 100 years ago. Folks do stick to their styles, no matter the passage of time.


  1. Nice! I love the background of the sketch too!

    I'd post the coffee shop bag and a friend's can of Coke that I drew (after our recent exchange about life drawing) but I can't find the darn scrap piece of paper!!!


  2. LOL!!!!! I haven't lost a sketch yet, though I've made them difficult to find (wrong sketchbook, etc).
    Anyway... the background probably called your attention because its a poor photo of the page on my sketchbook. I don't have a scanner where I am right now, and thought the phone camera is good, the lighting could be better.
    Thanks for dropping a comment, man.