Saturday, October 29, 2011

Man Vs Art Pilgrimage

Certainly an impulsive sketch. Here's the story: Last Thursday I had the opportunity to meet up with two of my all-time favorite creators/artistes, Raul Aguirre Jr, and Jim Lujan. While on work assignment, I was near the Los Angeles area, and made it a point to hook up with my buds. It was worth gold! I visited Minion Central: The Man Vs Art studios. Better than Disneyland to me, Raul's corner of the world was like going home. The lovely and vivacious Hortencia, and Raul welcomed me like family. The place is full of art, and I think I know now where Raul gets the greater part of his inspiration. Hortencia is a great artist, and you can't help to be inspired. Raul is a lucky man. This duo rocks. I don't have to say how much Raul inspires me, but being there was a bit like the high point of a pilgrimage.
We also visited the traditional minion stop: King Taco, a tasty taco haven. I broke my semi-vegetarian rule and had sopes and tacos (MEAT!). Worth it!
The great Jim Lujan met us there, and we had the greatest time talking about everything. It was like being in a mixed MVA/Lujan podcast live. Jim drew me an awesome caricature. Check that out! My first visit to LA, and he got me pegged Lujan-style. Love it! Thanks Jim!
I have pics, and more to tell, but this is long enough. The experience of being with these two greats was overwhelming, and my trip back to the hotel was a sad one. I wish I had more time with them. Inspiration and fun just breaks the meter when you're with these two. Not to leave Jim's cousin Ted behind, he gave me some "Horchata" at King Taco, and pitched in while I was "gushing art chonies". Thanks Ted. Of course, I have to thank Raul and Jim for the great hospitality. Both my brothers in art ensured I had a great time. They couldn't help it. Its in their DNA. Oh, and don't forget to visit Jim and Raul online, at their main sites (above) or their other haunts across the web. Thanks again! Well, this is all for now. Thanks for dropping by, and remember to have a great art time. You know I did.


  1. Jose it was great to finally meet you and have you hang out in my studio.I was very impressed with your sketchbooks dude. Keep it up.

    Thank you for the kind words from both me and The Lovely and Vivacious Hortencia.

    Caramba! Good Times!


  2. Thanks to you two, folks. This is something that we have to repeat. Visiting the MVA inner sanctum was a blast. Great experience.
    Que viva Man Vs Art!