Monday, May 28, 2012

Impulsive Dolphins on Mother's Day

Sat down for an art session with my daughter, the day before Mother's Day. I know, this post's content is a bit old. These days I barely have time to keep up with my art, or my blogging activities. Nevertheless, here goes.
It was do or die time if we were going to gift my wife with something original for Mother's day. The best part of this little endeavor was sharing with my daughter. So we went at it. Dolphins are a favorite of my wife's and a very nice necklace featuring a mother/daughter pair of dolphins was part of the ceremonies.
Here's my daughter's acrylic painting of a dolphin. She insisted in using sketch paper. Lesson for her, wet paint warps thin paper, and rough brushing can build up "paper-paint-bunnies". She did enjoy the process, and of course, she didn't mind my advice too much. But I do love the colors, and the fact that she even worked on her texture. The texture on that dolphin has a great look.
My impulsive acrylic painting was done on thicker paper meant for watercolors. I used some reference, and in the rush, didn't even notice the dorsal fin was blocked from view. Oh well. It was fun to do, and a breath of fresh air, art-wise, since time hasn't allowed me much time to indulge. I really appreciated the moment.

All in all, an impulsive painting session that turned into very nice gifts for my wife. Of course, she loved them both. We obviously love her, and that's not just because she's our captive audience. :) We hope you like these. Thanks for dropping by. Have a great art time!